Exploring Dark Astrobiology — Implications of Self-Interacting Dark Plasma

A plasma cell in the laboratory, showing concentric shells, and sheaths that act like biological cell membranes

We will need to follow where the evidence and logic takes us. Science is increasingly embracing the possibility of dark matter being much richer and interesting than we initially thought. …

Lightning — a common and terrifying plasma

Leading physicists are proposing that some dark matter could have a dark charge. If this is so, these dark matter particles could interact to form atoms or more likely, if the charge is weak, plasma.

In the previous article, we explored the possibility of dark matter being self-interacting (while weakly…

Are Quantum Processes in the Brain generating the Mind?

All over the world, labs are racing to extend quantum coherence times. If quantum processes are occurring in the brain, is it possible that practices could have been cultivated in the past to lengthen these coherence times to derive specific benefits (without the subjects knowing fully the Science behind it)? Here, we review the practices of meditators.

Quantum Processes in the Brain

Quantum computers use both classical and quantum processors. When the qubits in the quantum processor ‘collapse’ to become classical bits, the data is processed by the classical processor. Human brains may likewise be classical-quantum combos, with the brain’s complex networks of neurons interpreting the classical information that is generated by…

Classical processing in the left brain-Quantum processing in the right brain?

Researchers have found that not only do the left and right cortices of the human brain process sensory information very differently, but they also generate different realities.

Does the Brain Operate as a Computer?

Experiments on split brain patients show that the right and left brains (more specifically the right and left cerebral cortices) process incoming information…

Dark Matter in our Backyard

A mysterious invisible matter, called “dark matter” is theorized by Science to make up almost 85% of the matter in the universe. Dark matter is considered important to scientific theories to explain the structure of the universe, how stars behaved at the edge of galaxies and how galaxies interacted. The…

Image Credit: University of Michigan

Quantum biology is increasingly finding and exploring quantum processes in biological systems — in photosynthesis, birds, even human sensory systems. Why not the brain? In fact, some feats, such as superhuman computational abilities to factorize large numbers, could be pointing to quantum processes in the brain. This article explores this exciting possibility!

Quantum vs Classical Computers

The goal of a quantum computer is to perform computations that would be too computationally intensive and impractically long for a classical computer to compute. One of the problems, often cited in which a quantum computer will be able to do much more efficiently than standard classical computers (that’s the…

Could the brain contain a quantum processor(s)?

Most scientists are skeptical about the existence of quantum processes in the warm, wet, and noisy human brain. However, as quantum biology progresses, we are beginning to realize that evolution may have already solved this puzzle using clever strategies to block-off quantum noise and allowing for quantum coherence. This article explores one possible solution.

Quantum Magic

Quantum computers employ quantum processors that use elementary particles like neutrons, electrons and/or atoms instead of integrated circuits and transistors like classical processors. Two of the most “crazy and magical” properties that these particles have include the following:

• Firstly, they are somehow continuously “connected” to other particles that are…

Jay Alfred

Author of ‘’Our Invisible Bodies’’, ‘’Between the Moon and Earth’’, and ‘’Brains and Realities”. Researcher in Dark Astrobiology and Quantum Neuroscience.

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